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Jake Guzman, age 24 is a full time travel photographer, digital media Influencer and adventurer based in Seattle, Washington. He specializes in outdoor, travel, automotive and lifestyle photography. 

Although Jake has a deep love for the Pacific Northwest, he has a proclivity to travel and is always up to capture new and exciting locations throughout the world. He's currently been to over 15 different countries and almost every state in the USA. Growing up, Jake was a highly awarded/recognized fine art student with a love for the outdoors. Longing for something new, he decided to pick up a camera and has since found a way to combine his two passions into a new medium. His work has since collected an audience of 250,000 people collectively throughout all his social media platforms and is continuing to grow everyday!  

Jake strives to go above and beyond for every new client, while inspiring his community to get outside, explore and protect our beautiful planet.  If you're interested in working together, you can contact him via email. 

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Past clients

  • Mini Cooper 

  • Honda 

  • Canon USA 

  • Olympus USA 

  • Visit Sweden

  • Travel Alabama

  • Bosch Auto Parts 

  • Huawei Mobile 

  • Polar Pro 

  • The Woolmark Company

  • CheapFlightsFares

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Mira 

  • Isopure

  • Halo Top Creamery

  • Lagoon Car Rental (Iceland)

  • Bradley Mountain

  • Wish You Were Northwest

  • Omni Charge

  • UnionBay

  • Harbor Eyewear

  • DuloSupply Co. 

  • Alpine Division

  • Trail foody

  • Southern Standard

  • Rime elements 

  • Little River Co.

  • Skillshare 

  • Keen

  • Irish Spring

  • Union Wine Co.

  • Charles Smith Wines 

  • Peace Vans Rental

Jake Guzman Photos
Jake Guzman Photos
Jake Guzman
Jake Guzman Photos
Jake Guzman Photos
Jake Guzman Photos

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